Air India gets go-ahead from Airbus to extend use of 3 ageing A320s

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    Data shows that more than 1.

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    More than 1. Meanwhile, in the UK, the Pfizer vaccine has been administered to more thancitizens.

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    As countries rush to make the vaccine available, there are growing concerns around the reported adverse allergic reactions. It also has the most reports of severe allergic reactions compared to the only other vaccine which has approval so far, Moderna.

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    In Alaska, two cases reported tongue swelling, hoarse voice and difficulty breathing within ten minutes of taking the first dose. At least two health care workers in Britain have also experienced severe allergic reactions after receiving the Pfizer vaccine earlier this month.

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    Still, they have not determined whether an ingredient in the vaccine caused allergic responses. However, some researchers believe that polyethylene glycol PEG could be responsible. A doctor in Boston said he developed a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine within minutes of administration.

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    He has a prior history of being allergic to shellfish. David Kibbe, the spokesman for Boston Medical Centre, confirmed the allergic reaction.