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The revolutionary touchscreen makes payment faster and easier for your customers. Intuitive onscreen graphics quickly and easily guide the end user through the debit, credit, and fuel loyalty card process.

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Our partners Touchscreen Technology A full colour touchscreen guides the customer clearly through the transaction process. All additional data related cryptocurrency tech the transaction, such as vehicle identification and mileage, can also be processed using the unique touchscreen.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods Payment technology is developing at a fast pace. We provide you with the secure, traditionally accepted payment methods such as credit, debit and fuel cards, and with the latest emerging payment technologies, such as contactless, RFID and smartphone payment NFC. Anti-Fraud Protection An integrated privacy shield, along with advanced anti-tamper and anti-skimming devices that are constantly reviewed, help to deter fraud attempts.

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It lasts up to four times longer than those offered by other OPT suppliers. Cryptocurrency tech Options The Crypto VGA is currently able to communicate in 17 different languages, helping your customers fill up their vehicles without any confusion. Users simply select their language at the start of any transaction and they are then quickly guided through the payment process.

Rodyti išsamų įrašą Santrauka Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies are widely discussed nowadays. The Bitcoin market value is discussed in top magazines, the names of people who earned money from cryptocurrencies are on the Richest People list. The Blockchain technology is said to be a one of disruption pioneers on the one hand, and cryptocurrency is said to be an illegal phenomenon on the other hand.

This helps simplify the overall payment and fuelling transaction and reduces the amount of time it takes to fuel a car. Customers can purchase a car wash or a mobile phone top-up, and numerous e-vouchers e.

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An optional barcode reader allows customers to redeem payment vouchers. The Crypto VGA also provides you with a direct customer interface tool that will allow you to run exciting promotional campaigns.

The scanning is simply done within the customer interface area.

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This is a great option if you wish to validate credit notes from a BNA, redeem payment vouchers or increase sales through a variety of loyalty applications.

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